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  • My name is Merin. Eucharistic Adoration moves me in a very special way. We receive a lot of tips on how to improve my relationship with Christ. One day, I asked Jesus to help me for a competition that I was participating in and Jesus blessed me with first prize.During adoration, we do rosary, listen to music and stories of the life of saints. I've experienced the greatness of sitting with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

    Merin Twinkle, Year 5

  • Adoration is a time you can spend with GOD without worrying about anything else.

    Zara, Year 4

    Adoration has made me want to pray more.

    Xavier, Year 7

  • Every Friday from 5pm-6pm, I go to children’s adoration. Adoration to me is very important as He taught me selfless love. On one of my birthdays, although I was hesitant at first, I was able to give up my presents and instead, sponsor a child to go to school. A week later something amazing happened! My mum’s friend gave me a bike that they don't need anymore, and I was very happy! Jesus always performs miracles in adoration

    Clara, Year 3

  • I had eczema since I was born and had to use creams including steroids for years. At the age of 6 it got unmanageable. It was extremely painful, itchy and irritable, later I was diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis- a type of inflammation of skin, itchy, swollen and crack skin. Sometimes clear fluid would come from affected areas which often thicken over time. My mum prayed that I will provide a Testimony in the Second Saturday Convention, if my eczema is healed. Jesus intervened in my condition and healed me completely.

    Benjamin Martin

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